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News from Midt24

We are proud to announce that we have been certified as a RAAM qualifications race.

It was a great announcement we received on mail some days ago. It complements the RAAM website with Midt24 on it.

(At the moment we have not received a minimum of riding kilometers to take part in RAAM)

Important information concerning COVID-19.

The situation in Denmark in context of COVID-19 is that we are only allowed to be around 10 people at a time. Midt24 will take place in about 3 months from now, and at that time, the situation could be way different.

At the moment Midt24 is not cancelled.

But we will follow the guidelines by the Danish state

To our sponsors and participants:

If Midt24 should be cancelled because of the COVID-19 situation, then there will be 2 options. It will affect the people that are signed up now and sponsors.

  1. Midt24 will refund 100% of the payments by the people that signed up for the race (Entry fee and the meal ticket). This is also in context of our current sponsors.


  1. All the people who signed up can moved to the Midt24 race that takes place in 2021. This is also an option for our sponsors.

Even though the situation in Denmark is abnormal, do you still have the option to sign up for the race, if you feel like it.

There is a guarantee when signing up, which means that there is no loss if you chose to do so.

Because of the Covid-19 situation are we maintaining the price of signing up.

If you have questions are you welcome to send us a message on our facebook page, or email: Midt24@outlook.dk

We do not know at the moment if we will be canceling the race.

Take care of eachother..